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Concrete investigations: Bridge Assessment / Condition Surveys

The first signs of cracking and rust staining can serve as an early warning that deterioration of a reinforced concrete structure is about to take hold. However, these signs are not always in evidence requiring specialist knowledge coupled with appropriate technology to identify if the structure is suffering deterioration, albeit in the early stages. Stanger's have developed the expertise necessary to carry out investigations of concrete structures over many years, both in the UK and overseas, and can therefore offer their clients a multi-disciplined based services, tailored to meet their requirement.


Stanger's are experienced in identifying the numerous deterioration mechanisms and combinations thereof, which can affect reinforced concrete structures. Using the latest investigation techniques, an accurate diagnosis can be made as to the causes of the problem. Only with such information can an affective repair be accomplished and precautions be taken against future deterioration. Our investigation personnel with their wide experience of site inspection, non-destructive and invasive insitu testing and sampling techniques, coupled with the comprehensive range of testing facilities offered by our central and regional laboratories, can ensure that the maximum information is made available to permit the Engineer to carry out his assessment accurately and effectively.

We can offer a complete investigation services, with the in-house expertise to identify effectively all types of reinforced (and mass) concrete deterioration.

We provide :-
  • Alkali-silica reaction investigation
  • Borescope surveys
  • Car park survey/assessment
  • Non-destructive testing
    • Cover meter surveys
    • Half-cell surveys
    • Resistivity surveys
    • Thermography
    • Load testing
    • Ferroscan survey
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Tapping Surveys
    • Carbonation depth
  • On-site sampling
    • Coring
    • Diamond drilling
    • Breakouts
    • Powder drilling
    • Bulk sampling
  • Visual inspection
  • Pavement inspections

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