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We are a leading UKAS-accredited materials consultancy with UK offices in Glasgow, Dundee and Dumfries and in County Longford, Ireland. Stanger Testing Services Limited is supported by a total monitoring and testing capability and across a wide range of specialist scientific and engineering disciplines we provide customer focused, cost effective and innovative solutions for the built environment.

Formed in 1874 by the Hon. Dr William Stanger, an Inspecting Engineer and surveyor-general of Natal, South Africa, Stanger Tesing Services began as a cement testing consultancy before branching into other fields. In 1903, Reginald Harry Hursthouse Stanger took over from his father and began testing materials for such varied projects as The Mall, Buckingham Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum and South African Railways.

By the 1960s the comprehensive testing and consultancy services had grown significantly to include Civil Engineering, Chemical, Metallurgical, Physics, Structural and Mechanical capabilities. Today we operate in a wide variety of areas but most of our work tends to be in five main aspects

  1. Concrete Investigations as part of Bridge Assessment and Condition Surveys
  2. Roofing and Waterproofing Materials
  3. Building Defect Investigations and Surveys
  4. Construction Materials Testing and Consultancy
  5. Building Materials Testing
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van itsm

A bitumen core prepared for an Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus (ITSM) test. The ITSM test is a non-destructive procedure for determining stiffness modulus using repeated load indirect tension. The results are used to assess:

  • Load spreading
  • Temperature susceptibility
  • Durability (water sensitivity)

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